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Did you know that Taekwondo can benefit you in many ways? It can increase concentration, improve self-discipline, boost self-confidence, get you in shape, create healthy habits all while building self-esteem and having fun!

Join us for 2 weeks for only $19.95 and also get a FREE uniform!  We have something for every member of your family. So from our Taekwondo family to yours, JOIN US! We look forward to meeting you!

To redeem, we make it easy! Just show us the ad on your phone and we will process your $19.95 2 week membership that includes the uniform!


Welcome to Elite Martial Arts & Fitness! Elite Martial Arts & Ftiness is a premier martial arts school that has been providing professional martial arts in the community of Placerville for many years. We are proud of our traditional Taekwondo program and the success stories that go with it! Elite Martial Arts & Fitness, formerly known as Gold Country Taekwondo, has created programs that have been responsible for training many black belts over the years and in 2019 was purchased by 5th Dan Master Kelly Aubuchon Roney and her husband, 5th Dan Michael Roney. Together, they share many National and World titles and are among the best martial artists in the United States. Additionally, they, along with their staff are internationally certified Kukkiwon Taekwondo Instructors with literally thousands of hours of experience and training. 


We are a Kukkiwon Certified School, which is very important to an individuals martial arts training. Being a Kukkiwon school means that we are held to the strictest standards by the Kukkiwon who oversees Taekwondo world wide. As you train at our school, when you obtain your Black Belt, because you have achieved it with the Kukkiwon's approval, you will be recognized as a black belt both Nationally and Internationally. There are many, many Taekwondo schools, but unless they have the Kukkiwon approval, the black belt is only as good as the piece of paper it is written on.


In addition to our affiliation with the Kukkiwon, Elite Martial Arts & Fitness has a heritage rooted originally in the Korean Moo Duk Kwan. We are also associated with USA Taekwondo giving us access to the Olympic Taekwondo circuit in the U.S., and to the International Olympic Taekwondo circuit through the World Taekwondo Federation.  If you are considering starting your Taekwondo journey, or continuing on from your present journey, we invite you to come visit us! We'd love to have the opportunity to have you as part of our Taekwondo family!

Charter School Vouchers Welcome!

We welcome our charter school and home school communities at Elite Martial Arts & Fitness. If you are a part of one of our partner schools listed below, we invite you to contact them regarding the use of vouchers to pay for your students Taekwondo while satisfying their physical education requirements.

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KIDS (3-5 YRS.) | YOUTH (6-12 YRS) | TEENS (13-17 YRS) | ADULTS 18 YRS AND UP!

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